Citymaps- An energetic and enthusiastic challenger of Google Maps launches on iPhone

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Meet Apple City Maps on iPhone

CITY MAPS An energetic and enthusiastic challenger of Google Maps launches on iPhones 300x150 Citymaps  An energetic and enthusiastic challenger of Google Maps launches on iPhone

Long time before Citymaps was considered as an iPhone application that linked with few of the cities that involves New York City, San Francisco, Austin and Boston. This application had viewed descriptive business locations in the mentioned cities. Now the application has been totally renewed due to which it has no similarities from its older version.

The ever new Citymaps application exclusively contains descriptive information on more 15 million businesses in United States. The application also gives significance to the social countenance regarding brands. So in this way people and proclaimers can make and share the best sites maps without any difficulty. Like this you will be able to list out the best of the restaurants and bars in your own city. After you done with it will also help your friends as they can include themselves to the same map with their personal opinions and suggestions.

Additionally the application also includes some keys of navigation that also involves the following things

• Driving
• Walking
• Public penetration

Once you skim maps you will notice some kinds of bubbles that symbolize locations of businesses on the map. The larger bubble that you will notice, it actually indicates that the particular business mostly discussed in social media. Furthermore there will also a profile added about the business along with pics, twitter posts and more informational data.

The founder of Citymaps declared that the second step on this application to take is to have an Android application running. The interesting thing is that this step is going to be complete within eight weeks. He desires to see the application on the web search engine or web portal. Whereas the application has been constructed on web GL so it will take time until the application do not get the assistance of internet explorer. Fortunately the assistance is on its way. The founder of this application also disclose this in public that meanwhile they have put United States only as their center of attraction but they do have future plans regarding international mapping.

Apart from it the city maps application that is United States based recently has successfully earned $5 million.

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