Samsung Introducing Smart Phone Wrist Watch In September 2013

Posted on August 19, 2013 by Muddassir HafeezNext Story
Samsung Smart Watch Launch

Samsung Smart Wrists Watch Samsung Introducing Smart Phone Wrist Watch In September 2013

What crazy for reporting for unique introduction for smart phone watches is that they are not new ones as few years back unique gadget comes up with a unique smart phone that gives a unique demo but do not come anywhere, like LG GD910.

For Instance:

Samsung preparing for a smart phone watch that gives unique sound ever experience. The unique Samsung Galaxy gear will be a unique smart watch to make calls, internet surfing, sends instant emails to your friends.

Samsung introduce its IFA consumer gadget show with Galaxy Note 3, Samsung next smart phone will be launching soon. Besides this Samsung and LG are unique firms. Well Android smart phone is a unique one. LG’s smart phone initially launch writes on your wrist normally.

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