Unique Bing App Launches for Windows 8

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Bing App Launch For Windows 8

Microsoft Bings Boards Unique Bing App Launches for Windows 8

Bing Application for Windows 8 gives you exciting news updates for weather, sports, exciting travelling and maps. It gives you unique, friendly and user friendly solutions introduced by Bing.

Do you want to know latest World happenings? Well Bing gives you exciting opportunity for a comprehensive solution to unique headlines with Breaking News all around the world. This app is user-friendly which gives you latest news, categories or information that is of interest to you.

According to Official BING resources:

We’ve partnered with leading editorial and news agencies like Associated Press, Reuters, Gizmodo, The Guardian and more, including local and regional sources from around the world, so you can choose which sources you’re most interested in – all in one app.

Unique Bing App Launches For Windows 8 Unique Bing App Launches for Windows 8

Bing brings you unique style with latest World trends and events. Bing gives you to select your favorite area of interest that increases your area of Knowledge sharing. Watch your unique videos as appear in heading or in a You Tube video.

Bing introduces your ‘Own Sports Companion’ with introduction of great sports features, unique videos, photos, hockey etc. Easily follow maps of every country or region with cloud and unique radar. You can view daily weather condition, discover unique information.

With Bing Finance you can look at stocks markets and increase performance of market and currency conditions. With a swipe of access you can easily research market information for currencies, commodities with a unique ‘Currency Converter App’

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